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BG Products (GB)

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Welcome to BG Products, Great Britain

BG Products were formed in 1972 in Wichita, Kansas.

Our goal, from the outset,  was to develop the best products in their respective field. They have developed world leading products such as BG44K, renowned for its ability to restore the power and economy of car engines.


BG Products first arrived in Great Britain in 1999 when Powerflow Ltd were appointed as the distributor for Great Britain.


BG Products has a commitment to maintaining the operational systems of today's and tomorrow's vehicles.


We manufacture our own products, specialised tools and equipment for application by specially trained automotive professionals. We seek prolonged trouble-free automotive performance for every BG customer. We have dedicated every resource—the skills of our people, our capacity for breakthrough research and our ongoing testing and refinement of current products—to better understand how the ravages of time and use deplete the vital fluid systems of a vehicle.




BG 44K


Ethanol in petrol is being raised from 5% to 10% in the UK during 2013


NEW - Ethanol problems and solutions >

BG Fuel Saving Service

Over time deposits build up in the engine and fuel system, robbing your engine of efficient combustion. The BG Fuel Saving Service service will improve MPG, performance, and reduce emissions. Ultimately saving you money. Total BMW Magazine said that their car’s MPG improved by 4.6%, London Taxi Drivers Magazine said they had an increase of 6%.


Read more and watch our video OR

Complete deposit control lies at the core of our business.

Altogether, it means products that bring extended life and efficiency to engines, transmissions, brakes, steering, cooling and climate control systems. As the technical sophistication of these systems evolves, BG and its distributors keep pace, adding still more efficiency, economy, and long-term reliability to today's computer controlled vehicles.

BG’s prowess extends beyond automotive care.

BG products manufacture solutions for Agriculture, Industry, Marine, Construction and Fleets.  Whether it is problems of injector fouling on tractors and diesel generators, hydraulic oil breaking down under tough conditions or engineering components losing lubrication and protection in harsh environments BG Products has a solution.

A changing automotive marketplace, an emerging BG response.

Our philosophy of doing business ensures the continued development of products and services attuned to the exact automotive needs of the moment. We take pride in the skill, the imagination, and the integrity of loyal BG employees. We will stay the course. During constant change, we focus exclusively on products of the highest quality only available through BG.

And so we continue on the path of discovery that has defined our first 35 years.  We hold the line against time and distance, giving new life to vehicles worldwide as we continue to look for a better way.


BG 44K Power Enhancer

BG44K: Power enhancer

Regarded by many as the best fuel system cleaner of its kind. It cleans fuel injectors, valves, o2 sensors and the combustion chamber. It will also have a cleaning effect on the catalytic converter.

more information >>>

Product code 208


BG244 sellers

BG244: Rapidly Removes Harmful Engine Deposits

Diesel specific complete fuel system cleaner. It cleans valves, injectors and the combustion chamber of soft and hard baked carbon. BG 244 is particularly on vehicles that have been driven on poor quality diesel.

We are BG244 sellers >>>

Product code 244

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